Barrus opens a factory costing 10 million

AS Barrus, a wood processing company in Võru County, launched a new glued laminated timber factory in November 2021.

The company invested about ten million euros in total in the new building and the production lines for the factory in Võru Municipality. This is the third glued laminated timber factory of the wood processing company operating in the village of Verijärve.

The new factory means better product quality and material handling in order to produce more from the same amount of timber. The new production line also provides a higher flexibility and automatisation, said Barrus’ CEO Martti Kork, according to whom all major industrial companies in the world are currently investing in automatics.

The number of staff at Barrus’ new glued laminated timber factory is only about 25 per cent of that of the first factory. Kork notes that no one can avoid automatisation, considering the increasing personnel costs. «New technology also consumes less energy and the equipment reduces the material loss in cutting,» said Kork who assumed the position of CEO in the company in 2020. 

Article adapted from the website of Lõuna-Eesti Postimees.

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